This Week in Highlights, Past 2 Weeks!

I apologize for not getting to not last week’s, but the week before’s highlights. A lot happened so Tree and I decided to make this article a MASSIVE highlights article. It’s a March Madness style TWIH. Our newest addition to the article slate on the blog has been a big hit and we’ve gotten a lot of submissions which really gets me excited about the future of these articles. The future of social media is live video and streaming (or is it just the present), and we here at the Blog realize that. We want to make this blog an experience as well as good content. Also, I don’t have to make any predictions in these articles, which is great for me, because that doesn’t seem to be my strong suit.  Okay – highlights below!

Let’s start with an amazing highlight from last month. This fell under the radar because GAC doesn’t ever tweet at me, but I finally got it submitted to TWIH!

Now, that’s freaking sick. I challenge anyone to beat that one this year.  Maybe I have some more later that might challenge that…

Next highlight, we get some celebrations from the boys down in Fredericksburg. I wish I saw where the shot actually went, but this is a pro chest bump right here. Dude almost fell right over. UMW be working out their pecs these days, mang.

And, of course we promised you not only tennis, but other highlights as well. CMU tennis decided to take a literal hike after their tough matches on Spring Break, which of course, meant shirtless dudes in the mountains. Ladies, on the lookout.

Back to tennis – we go to the indoor courts of Connecticut College, and by indoor courts, it looks like I mean basketball courts. While this point could have been put away like three times, I think they were playing to get on TWIH of course.

Let’s take a quick break for a monstrous kick serve from the Poets of Whittier, who are basically buying real estate in this weekly Highlights article.

And more Whittier highlights! The clincher against Trinity Connecticut!

Here are some highlights from Colby/TCNJ. We always appreciate the work of Coach Cohen and the Mules, so here’s a nice highlight video for ya. Love the second doubles point – look at those hands.

Let’s move onto Virginia, where the Cavaliers of none other than the University of Virginia decided to grace DIII with their tennis prowess. Here’s one of the best points from the UVA/Virginia “match.” Not the greatest example of a fair matchup, but hey, it’s a highlight.

Let’s move on to some more evenly matched teams. Whitman and Skidmore battled at the Stag-Hen in one of the many battles in Claremont last week. Our resident West blogger was extremely nervous about this Whitman/Skidmore match on the second day of the Stag-Hen, but this point was the clincher for the Whits (no longer the Squirrels).

Speaking of clinchers, we got another one – from one of our favorite teams, the Wesleyan Cardinals. The Kool Aid continues to get sweeter for the Cards as they took out Redlands in the desert, 6-3. Watch as Princeton “(Nickname Pending)” Carter clinches and does an emotional racket flip. I love it! Sorry to blog favorite Tom Suchodolski as I believe he’s on the other side of the net. Looks like he was cordial about it, so good for you Tom.

MOAR CLINCHERS. Wabash loves to send in the videos, and here’s another clinching point from the team that’s always #onthemove. Also, the highlight is worth it because of that huge text in the back. Are you kidding me? That’s freaking amazing.

Last clincher of the week, I promise. Here’s NCW clinching over CNU, a nationally ranked opponent. This means that AVZ has to rank the Bishops in this week’s Power Rankings! Also, love the snapchat video.

Coach Settles also sent us some great doubles highlight videos from CMS. I haven’t even watched all of these yet so let’s hope Coach Settles didn’t send me Rick Roll videos instead of actual highlights.

Enough tennis for the week. Let’s end this week’s highlights with a mind bending video from UWW Tennis. Shopped or nah? Is this real? Am I being David Blained?

And that’s all folks. Let’s chat about this last UWW video for the whole week. SHOPPED OR NAH, as tree would ask. TWIH done, and that means, ASouth, OUT.

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