UAA Quarterfinal Preview – Emory/Rochester, Wash U/Brandeis

Hey Folks, D3RegionalNEC here with your second batch of UAA previews for Day 1 tomorrow. The women already got started this morning and it looked like the live scoring was working pretty well, so hopefully we’ll have good weather, good tennis, and frequent updates as the guys get going tomorrow at 9am.

#2 Wash U vs. #7 Brandeis

Wash U Power 6:  With Jason Haugen: 74.16. Without Jason Haugen: 73.64. Johnny Wu (12.75), John Carswell (12.58), Jason Haugen (12.38), Bernardo Neves (12.26), Jeremy Bush (12.20), J.J. Kroot (11.99), Robin Engel (11.86)

Brandeis Power 6: 70.71. Ryan Bunis (11.45), Brian Granoff (12.54), Michael Arguello (12.53), Tyler Ng (11.73), Mitchell Ostrovsky (11.93), Ben Wolfe (10.52) (or 71.58 if David Aizenberg with 11.40 is in for Wolfe)

D3Midwest: I will let Regional speak more about Brandeis since it’s his team, but one thing I will say is that the Judges are really, really good at full strength. Despite it being a 2 v 7 match, Wash U cannot sleep on Brandeis, and I believe the outcome will be a lot closer than many expect. Anyway, depending on what happens in doubles and the physical state of Jason Haugen, Coach Follmer may have a difficult decision to make. Does he rest Haugen in singles, preparing for the probable semi-final match against Chicago, or does he put Haugen out there, risking the junior’s health for the semi? If the Bears are down after dubs, I say the native Texan plays, but if they are ahead, he rests. The scenario I posed may be a complete non factor, because Haugen may not even be slated to play singles at all this weekend. Moving along, doubles is going to be YUGE. While Wash U’s singles lineup is slightly stronger, Brandeis has shown signs of big things, especially at 2 with Brian Granoff, and 3 with Michael Arguello. Ok, enough about Brandeis. Wash U isn’t necessarily the deepest team out there, but they are probably favored at 5 and 6 against Brandeis, regardless of who’s in the lineup (JJ Kroot, Robin Engel, Shaun Berman, Radha Vishnubhotla, etc.). Jeremy Bush at 4 is primed for a fantastic final UAA tournament, and Johnny Wu has stepped up for solid contributions at 1. At the end of the day, Brandeis is peaking at the right time, but Wash U is just a little bit better. And luckily for the Bears, all three doubles teams are good, so I think Wash U takes a 2-1 lead. The Judges will give the Bears a great fight, but I’m going with Wash U, 6-3.

D3Regional: The Judges did exactly what they had to do to beat MIT a couple of days ago by jumping all over them in doubles and grinding out four excellent singles wins. Wash U is a heck of a lot tougher of a team than MIT is, and pulling the monumental upset will be a heck of a lot tougher. The key for the Judges is going to be doubles and #2 and #3 singles, and I’m not exactly breaking any news here as these have been the best spots for the Judges all year. From an UTR standpoint, Granoff vs Carswell and Arguello vs Haugen should both be incredibly close matches between four experienced guys. The bottom of the Judges lineup has been playing better as of late, and I think the freshman Wolfe at #6 is a lot better than his UTR shows and is gaining confidence every match. The Judges are going to come in ready to go, and if they get on the Bears in doubles, this match could certainly get tight. However, I think the Bears are going to come out loud and ready to play in doubles and will take 2 of 3, and I will go with Wash U 6-3 as well, taking 2 of 3 doubles and 4 of 6 singles, a classic formula for a 6-3 win.

#1 Emory vs. #8 Rochester

D3ASouth: No need to include Power 6s here, because this one should be a fairly quick one. Rochester has stolen a few matches from other teams in the past, but this is not going to be one of those times. Long gone are the days of Ben Shapiro and others battling to get some sets off the top guys.  Rochester is having a down year this year and Emory is the #2 team in the country. They expect to blow this one out of the water and they should come out focused enough to do so.  The only way that Rochester steals a spot is probably in doubles, but again, the Emory depth and talent should not falter here.  I’d be very surprised if Rochester even wins a few sets as D3RegNEC will tell you below. Here’s a match where the only thing I am looking for is if Emory plays their full lineup as David Omsky was sighted back in the lineup against W&L.  Maybe it was because he was playing against March Zheng.  Anyways, Emory, 9-0.

D3RegionalNEC: This will be a quick match. Rochester is a solid regional team, but against Emory it’s a battle between men and boys. The Eagles will sweep doubles and roll through singles without dropping a set. 9-0 Emory.

To all those down in Altamonte Springs, enjoy the banquet tonight. I’ve heard great things about it and would love to be there and see what it’s all about. That’s all for our first round previews, but ASouth & Friends should have an article covering all things UAA tournament experience later today.

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