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Welcome to the DIII Recruiting Hub, currently the only place to get in-depth information and opinions regarding select DIII College Tennis teams. When looking at schools as a prospective student-athlete, a recruit oftentimes gets a good idea of the general information on a school, but doesn’t really get a full view of what it would be like to actually attend the school. Recruiting trips show a student the most “fun” night that they could have, but again, the small sample size prevents the recruit from having full knowledge of the school they may be about to attend.  Here at the Blog, our goal is to give each and every recruit an idea of what it really is like to go to many of our DIII schools.  Across the entire blog team, we have approximately 75 years of combined experience playing, watching and covering D3 tennis. The school profiles are designed to give prospective players additional information that they may not be able to read in a book or online (or at least concentrate information that would take a long time to search for). For more information on the content of the profiles, please feel free to get a run-through HERE.

*Full Disclosure: As we are primarily a Men’s DIII Tennis site, the profiles below will represent only the Men’s Tennis Teams of these programs. 

For questions regarding our profiles or anything DIII Recruiting related, you are welcome to contact us at our recruiting email,!

We have broken out the sections of DIII Tennis by rough geographical section below.  Please click on the links to navigate to the geographical location you would like to explore, and feel free to navigate through the schools to find your perfect fit!


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