Power Rankings, 3/16

So, I will admit. This should have gone out early this morning but I got distracted by all the bracket madness going around. These are the best two days of the year hands down. So, excuse me if I let Power Rankings take a back seat for another college sport. Anyways, we had a ton of traction with the live blog the past two days (shoutout to the snow days) and we really enjoyed interacting/chatting/having you follow us for the Stag Hen. We got a lot of great feedback from the live blog and maybe we can make that a thing for the Stag Hen if we somehow get snow days every year. Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Here are the power rankings, peeps.

March viewership is on point folks. Watch out for TWIH sometime soon. ASouth, OUT.

  2 comments for “Power Rankings, 3/16

  1. Left Coast
    March 16, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    STAG-HEN! Was Southwestern about just beating Whittier and having a bunch of wins?

    Would love to see a 41-50 ranking with what each can do to make it into the top 40.

    • D3West
      March 18, 2017 at 1:05 pm

      Personally, I put SW in the rankings for that exact reason. Whittier did the hard work of beating all the 41-50 type teams (Vassar, Haverford, Trinity CT), and Southwestern capitalized on that by beating them (and Cal Lu). I’m also looking at comparative scores with UTT (the lowest calibre of rankings evidence, but necessary in the 31-40 range because there aren’t a lot of good wins to be found), and I’m looking forward to seeing how they fare against the Pats and the Gusties in a couple weeks.

      Re: ranking 41-50, that’s really the purpose of the 31-40 rankings. It wasn’t took long ago that only the top 30 were ranked, but DIII has been getting deeper and deeper. The 31-40 rankings are really just a way of recognizing the teams that are almost there

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