New York University (NY)

Fast Facts

The New York Stadium Tennis Center provides NYU with “home” tennis courts in the very populated NYC area. Just a short subway ride up from the campus, NYU players oftentimes joke about the unique travel that they use to get to practice and matches.

Location: New York, NY

Mascot: Violets

Undergrad Enrollment: 25,722

US News Ranking: 36th, National Universities

Coach: Horace Choy, 10th Season

3-Year Avg. ITA Ranking: #13, Northeast Region

UTR Power 6: 68.78


Blogger Ratings

Academic Reputation: 9.00

Tennis Program & Tradition: 5.80

Development: 5.63

Facilities: 4.00

On Court Persona: Unpredictable, Talented, Self-Confident


Recruiting & Alumni

Target Ranking for Starter: 344

Sample Starter Profiles

Vishal Walia – 3-star, #222 in Class of 2016

Michael Li – 3-star, #291 in Class of 2016

Yanik Parsch – 3 star, #278 in Class of 2015

Where Are They Now?

Connor Witty, Class of 2012: General Dentist for US Army

CJ Leong, Class of 2015: Marketing Coordinator at WTA Tennis

Sidd Thangirala, Class of 2016: Investment Banking Analyst at JP Morgan


Blogger Perspective

One of the largest school in terms of enrollment of any featured in The D3 Recruiting Hub, NYU also offers one of the most unique college experiences in D3 tennis. The “campus” is spread throughout Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood, giving students a chance to fully immerse themselves in what many consider to be one of the best cities in the world.. This urban lifestyle appeals to students from all over the world, with NYU boasting the highest percentage of international students of any US private university. The tennis team is no exception, featuring players from Australia, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic in addition to Americans from throughout the country,  with at least a few players from the local tri-state area. The benefits of studying in the Big Apple are extensive, including endless options for entertainment and food, incredible diversity, and exceptional internship opportunities in just about any field, most notably financial services and the arts.

The appeal of NYU has helped to bring in a number of talented recruits through the years, and recently the team has made further strides as they work towards their goal of breaking into the Top-20 with a season-ending 2017 ranking of #27, their best ranking in years.  Indoor court time is at a premium in New York, with indoor rates astronomically high, and unfortunately NYU is without courts (indoor or outdoor) on campus, meaning the team’s home facility is the Stadium Tennis Center, adjacent to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. While the off-campus location can be a challenge, the advantage is that the team has consistent access to indoor courts, a necessity during the late-winter and early-spring months in the Northeast. Overall, NYU is a world famous university for a variety of reasons, and the experience of a Violet player cannot be replicated by any other university. With the the right student-athlete fit, NYU can unlock worlds of potential in both a professional and athletic sense.

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