4/27 Power Rankings

Another edition of Power Rankings are here, and this week we FINALLY had some movement in the Top 10! With a ton of upsets (check the ticker bruh!) this past week as well as the UAA Tournament completing, the top 10 got shuffled around a bit. We had a huge upset that we were able to take into account yesterday and that resulted in a soft fall for our defending champion this year. Other than that, some other great stuff happened (check the ticker bruh!) and this made for a lot of good conversation in the Power Rankings chat, which I am currently pretending to have participated in. In Blog news, we’ve officially unveiled the Recruiting Hub that will continue to grow, and we already have 8 profiles up already in what could be our personal next step into the world of DIII Tennis.  Hope you all enjoy the below Power Rankings and feel free to BRING THE DEBATE.

I think the rankings speak for themselves, so I’ll let you go to town on em.  Remember to check out our Recruiting Hub, which has debuted 8 teams already as we make our way to the Tennis Recruiting Site. And with that, ASouth, OUT.

  4 comments for “4/27 Power Rankings

  1. Matt
    April 27, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Thanks for the effort with these rankings each week. If Brandeis beats Tufts, do you think there’s a chance they could qualify for Indoors next year? Given the precipitous drop they might experience at the hands of graduation (although they’re certainly still talented), would it even be in their best interest to accept the invitation?

    • D3West
      April 27, 2017 at 8:09 pm

      Going off the ITA rankings, I would say there is virtually no chance of Brandeis getting high enough in the rankings to get an invite. The following teams are ranked ahead of both them and Tufts and are capable of going, schedule-wise:

      1. Emory
      2. CMS
      3. Wash U
      4. Chicago
      5. CMU
      6. Redlands
      7. Pomona-Pitzer
      8. Trinity
      9. Whitman
      10. Case Western

      Assuming Case Western hosts again, the Judges would need three teams to decline their invitation. CMS probably will. Pomona-Pitzer and Redlands both have in the past (but usually go when ranked high enough). If it falls their way and they are invited, I would accept. Even though they would probably go 0-3 and get blown out in two matches before having a closer match with Case, it’s worth the experience.

      • Matt
        April 27, 2017 at 8:35 pm

        I would have assumed that CMS, Redlands, and Whitman would all decline, and that Pomona-Pitzer would seriously reconsider attending–but I’ll defer to you when it comes to matters related to Whitman. I don’t understand why the West Coast teams (other than CMS) accept the invite; particularly within the context of a tight Pool C picture in which every match carries postseason implications, it seems to me that Pomona and Redlands gamble away their structural advantage when they go on the road and play indoors. I understand that learning how to play on the road is its own virtue, but the recent Indoors performances of Pomona-Pitzer and Redlands suggest that the California teams might be best advised to stay at home.

        • D3West
          April 27, 2017 at 9:58 pm

          It’s possible that PP and Redlands would elect to stay home. They have at various times in the past, and you make many valid points. I believe they go because it’s a prestigious event; I’m sure they would like to win an Indoor title (as Trinity was able to only a couple years ago). It is also often their only chance to play some UAA teams. Though they do take advantage of the status quo, they are in no way afraid to pick up these crucial matches outside of their comfort zone. There’s also a team-bonding aspect that goes with traveling, which the California teams otherwise miss out on.

          As for Whitman, I can say with confidence that they would attend. They always have played their best tennis indoors at the beginning of the season (this year vs. PP, last year vs. Swat, the previous vs. Redlands, etc.), and Indoors would probably represent their best chance to pick up an upset and get in the top 10 for a more extended period of time. Remember that D3 Indoors was played at Whitman the first two years

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