Monthly Archives: September 2012

Tournament Pages

For your viewing convenience… New England. Summary. Singles: Amherst is winning. Doubles: Williams is winning. Cue Bates fans, “What about us?” Northeast. This website is really hard to read, but man, that singles draw couldn’t have gone more to form. And that doubles draw really couldn’t have not done that in any way at all.…

Central/Northwest Update

Putterman vs. Burgin in single final tomorrow in central. Predictable. Heerboth/Turlington vs. Bartashevich/Ventura-Creusse (Earlham). Anyone have that one? singles draw doubles draw La Cava upset by Malesovas (who?) in Northwest. No Tolman for Whitman, but transfer Riggs doing well. Semifinals tomorrow. La Cava/Rivers vs. Tesmond/Riggs in final. singles draw doubles draw