Monthly Archives: September 2012

ITA Regional Wrapup: Central

Tweet Singles 1. Adam Putterman was an absolute beast this weekend on the singles court. Winning the tournament without dropping a set? That’s incredibly impressive, especially when you consider that every single opponent he faced from the Round of 16 on was very good. Though his team underperformed compared to Kenyon, this is his second…

Central/Northwest Update

Tweet Putterman vs. Burgin in single final tomorrow in central. Predictable. Heerboth/Turlington vs. Bartashevich/Ventura-Creusse (Earlham). Anyone have that one? singles draw doubles draw La Cava upset by Malesovas (who?) in Northwest. No Tolman for Whitman, but transfer Riggs doing well. Semifinals tomorrow. La Cava/Rivers vs. Tesmond/Riggs in final. singles draw doubles draw Tweet

ITA Regional Preview: Southeast

Tweet Last year, this tournament was like the Hopkins’ freshman class’ coming out party. Most everyone in the DIII community was pretty curious what 6 4-stars would do when they were unleashed on the DIII community. Unfortunately, Hopkins couldn’t get all of them into the draw, but those that got in made an impact. Joachim…